The international authority for LudoSport Light Saber Combat

Founded in 2014 after eight years of research and practice in the first LudoSport Academy, the Society of LudoSport Masters (SLM) is a Cultural Association whose aim is the worldwide diffusion of LudoSport and its Light Saber Combat. SLM is the main and highest authority on the rules, techniques, teaching, culture and values of the sport in question. It is also the highest disciplinary body in sports matters. The Board of Directors of SLM is composed of Gianluca Longo and Simone Spreafico, Founding Masters of the first LudoSport Academy and creators of the discipline. Only SLM – directly or through its delegates – has the power to authorize the opening of Academies LudoSport and to assign degrees, qualifications and titles to practitioners of Light Saber Combat in the network.

Operational bodies

The SLM Board of Directors is assisted by an external body known as the Embassy, whose aims are:
– to guarantee a correct communication between SLM and the Academies on cultural and value themes;
– to monitor the full adhesion of Tecnici, Instructors and Academies to SLM regulations and its cultural and value principles;
– to promote and encourage the movement of Tecnici and Instructors in the various countries for tasks related to their qualifications.
The Embassy is headed by the Ambassador, who can appoint Consuls as his representatives in various countries.

As the highest disciplinary authority in sports matters, SLM avails itself of the collaboration of the International Commission for Officials, an international authority, independent of the Academies, dedicated to the training and direction of judges. INCOM certifies, following a specific training provided, the subjects that can be used as Officials in competitions of different levels, up to the international one. INCOM is directed by a Chancellor.
In a subordinate relationship to INCOM work therefore – where established – the Officials National Board (ONBOARD), national bodies responsible for verifying the correct performance of competitions in their territory and the recruitment, training and updating of the Judges.